Rockaway Beach – Day Two

So a hearty breakfast to refresh from the previous night, starting day two of the weekend.  No travel, quality food freshly prepared, and a walk on the seafront to clear the head ready for the day ahead.  Did have plans to catch one of the afternoon bands, but well, we didn’t make it.  Instead the night started after dinner in the second venue, and maybe the one I was most looking forward to seeing.



I’ve been a Jah Wobble fan for over 20 years, but never quite managed to see him live.  Well, I regret those missed 20 years now.  Arriving ten minutes early, and the band are sound checking, except the sound check turned into a full song, and even that had more energy and life than Saint Etienne.




When the band return shortly after, it was an hour and half of brilliant madness. The tightness of the band is amazing, with Jah Wobble leading proceedings with his heavy bass playing, as well as his banter between songs.  Whilst we may be there to watch Jah Wobble, the rest of the band hold their own, and are given their moments to shine. And the drummer’s look of utter joy at playing was something to behold, and I only wish I had been able to get a picture to show thaat smile and wide-eyed joy.





The original plan was Jah Wobble then straight upstairs to catch Luna.


This was on assumption Jah Wobble would only be an hour.  Well, we didn’t plan for his set being 90 minutes, so as soon as it was over we shot up to catch the second half of Luna, ears still ringing from all that bass. Again another band I’ve been listening to for a long time, and seeing them live was relaxing and fun, and suddenly made me realise why I like them – they do have a heavy hint of The Go-Betweens in their music.  Only caught half a set, but again, good on-stage banter and good music.  Maybe next time will catch the whole set.


20161008_230705Then after a break and a drink, it time for the big one. Suede.  Packed ages before they were due on, so we made our way into the crowd and waited.  As they came on stage it is clear half the audience were here just for this one performance, something Brett Anderson alluded to during the set.  With such a strong catalogue of music to pull from, they mix songs from the debut, now over 20 years old, with the newer stuff.  The set doesn’t suffer at all for this, the new blend in well. They may have mellowed in the studio but on stage they still give it everything, with Brett Anderson down amongst the audience more than once.  Again it just shows what can be done with a strong band and a lead with strong stage presence.


So Saturday may only have been three bands, but it was three bands who know how to work an audience and provided an evening of absolute pleasure.


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